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Truck Accessory Lighting

Custom Truck Accessory Lighting in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

There are so many ways to trick-out a truck. Custom lighting is one area to spend some time thinking about. Light bars are a classic look that can be added to virtually any part of your truck. A bar of LED lights under the doors along the bottom of your panelling is a great look, or in the grill in the front. Spotlights on top of the cab are also common and can be useful for hunters or campers.

Besides light bars and spotlights, LED lights can be added to the driving or tail lights or around the bed and hitch. Basically, if you’ve thought about adding lights to a part of your truck, we’ve already seen it and can help you. Our wide selection of lighting kits for trucks will give you plenty to consider or we can assist with a custom job.

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