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Custom Window Tinting Installation in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Tinting is about more than just making your windows look cool. Sure, it does that, but it can also keep you cool by blocking the sun from blasting you while you drive. Blocking the sun has more benefits than just temperature, too. The sun’s UV rays cause cancer and window tint almost entirely prevents them from entering. If health, style and comfort aren’t enough, also consider the fact that when a car’s interior is blasted with sun it is often damaged.

Homes and businesses also benefit from window tinting. When a building has a lot of exposed area to the sun, the air conditioning will have to run overtime just to keep you, your family or your customers cool. Not only that, but heat also leaves more easily through untinted windows so when the temperature drops, you lose money that way, too. Window tinting is a great investment for your car, home or business.

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