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Shock/Motion/Tilt Sensors

Custom Security Sensor Installation in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Car Security - Shock SensorAs car thieves get more sophisticated, car security needs to keep up. Some security options you may not have heard about are sensors that detect changes in the car and its environment. They are not tripped by somebody trying to open the door but by a change in angle or a movement.

If someone is trying to put your car up on jacks to steal your tires or if someone is trying to tow your car away, a tilt sensor will signal the alarm. There are also motion sensors that can tell if there is movement in and around your car, too. Thieves aren’t only after your entire car but often are happy just taking pieces, so it’s important to know the entire car is safe even if nobody touches the door handle. Let Sound Station and Security show you our top of the line array of alarm sensors.

Shock Sensor

A (shock sensor) detects an impact to the body of the vehicle, such as someone hitting a door panel. It helps protect the body of your car plus will act as a warning vehicle to test if it has an alarms.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor is an optional security sensor that detects movement inside, or, in some cases outside the vehicle. Two -Zone / 2-Stage motion sensors provide a warning alert when an exterior zone is violated. Great for jeeps and Convertibles.

Tilt Sensor

A Tilt sensor is an optional security sensor that triggers the alarm whenever your vehicle gets jacked up, for stealing wheels or towing.

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