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Custom Navigation Systems Installation in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Car Video - Navigation SystemsThe ultimate goal of creating a modern stereo system is not just to deliver superior sound but also to integrate other elements like navigation and climate control. Just like a phone isn’t just a phone anymore, these systems can provide so much more than just sound. Having built-in navigation means you won’t have to be holding up a phone trying to see where the map is directing you. That’s a good way to get a ticket or to get pulled over when an officer thinks you’re texting.

There are many custom navigation options that can be added to your system. Sound Station and Security can create a stand-alone navigation system or one that’s built into your overall stereo display. We have all the components you’ll need plus the installation experience to make it all come together perfectly. Install a navigation system into your car and never get lost or have to fumble around for a phone while driving again.

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