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Custom In-Car Entertainment Systems Installation in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Car Video - In-Car EntertainmentWhile you shouldn’t drive and watch a movie or surf the internet, modern stereo displays are definitely upping the ante on in-car entertainment. If you’re sitting in your car waiting for someone, or need to stop and look something up quickly, a large touchscreen in the middle of your dash is more than convenient and has all the options of your at-home entertainment. Screens of up to seven inches are common now and enhance driver experience in a number of ways.

Larger screens for the rear of the vehicle can also be installed. These have been common for decades but have only become thinner, clearer and more easily installed. You can keep your kids entertained with cartoons on long trips with our high definition televisions installed in the rear of your vehicle. Sound Station and Security have sizes and models for whatever your preferences. Tell us what your in-car entertainment needs are and we’ll recommend and install something just right for you.

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