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Custom Car Alarm Installation in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Car Security - Thief Breaking into CarCar alarms are annoying, and that’s good. They are meant to make a loud enough racket that people around will stop and look. Since the car thief doesn’t want a lot of people watching him steal a car, they will usually bolt. The modern car alarm often still works by using the car’s own horn and blaring it when someone tries to enter while it’s armed.

More sophisticated models will have motion sensors that keep people away from the vehicle entirely, not just from breaking in. There can be an auxiliary battery too, so if someone cuts your car’s battery, the alarm will not be disabled. Most can be controlled remotely by using your key fob’s panic button. At Sound Station and Security, we pride ourselves on being vehicle security experts and can install a car alarm that will be sure to keep your ride safe from thieves.

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