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360 Cameras in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Electronics - 360 CamerasIf you are not aware of 360 cameras, you may be a step behind on the next big thing. 360 videos are just starting to hit social media and are garnering a lot of interest. Basically, you can move the screen around as you watch to see what is going on just outside the shot. It makes the experience interactive and adds another dimension that traditional photography and video has lacked.

Virtual reality is just starting to take off in ways that are accessible to the general market. Samsung’s Gear VR uses 360 videos, so if you shoot footage with a 360 camera, it can be experienced through a VR system like that. It’s all very new but for those who love new gadgets, this is the cutting-edge of media and will only grow in popularity over the next few years. Get a jump on your friends and family and come see our selection of 360 cameras.

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